Thursday, October 31, 2013

Don't Say Goodbye

What a wild ride it's been. After close to two years of continuous podcasting it's with a heavy heart we write this note. It should be noted that we didn't come to this decision lightly and it wasn't made without it's fair share of resistance.

But, the time has come...

Ancillary Characters, as of tonight, will be shutting down operations on the podcasting side of things...





Until the month of January. Our second annual Year-in-Review will be our welcome-back episode. If you have well-wishes or angry comments to send our way for us to read on tonight's show feel free to leave a comment below or send them to

Though we aren't going away forever this still won't be easy for us. This show is one of our favorite weekly pastimes, and it's something each of us look forward to a great deal. However, due to various personal commitments (not to mention the birth of our first Ancillary Baby, Ethan's daughter Adelaide) it would be next to impossible for us to pump out shows on any sort of regular schedule for the next 8 weeks or so. Hopefully you'll understand. 

We can't thank you guys enough for your letters and continued support of the show. If we didn't have you we'd be alone. So. Alone.

See you in January.

The Ancillary Characters 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Episode 86: Severed

In episode 86 the Ancillary Werewolves tear into the latest comic news, some HOT new releases & then Severed by Scott "Golden Boy" Snyder.

But first, during the intro they read your letters. Both of them concern the focus of the book-it so they don't say much.

During the news Paul unleashes a tasty segment full of late-breaking scoops.

During the take it or leave it they talk about X-Men: Battle of the Atom some more.

Allen reviews Samurai Jack #1

Paul reviews Justice League's Forever Evil tie-in

Seth reviews Strange Nation #1

And then they talk about Severed - a Scott Snyder joint. Do they like it? Hate it? Listen to discover for yourself...

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Episode 85: Marvel Zombies

We hop in the spooky time machine this week for a look back at the "seminal"(?) Marvel Zombies by Kirkman and Phillips!

But first we read your letters which leads to discussions about stuff like comics similar to Hellboy and whether or not we "double dip" into comic series we're reading in multiple formats.

During the news we slog through as many of the announcements that came from NYCC as we can get through. Also, Paul randomly returns from the dead just in time to talk about Batman. Surprise!

Then the take it or leave it begins... 

We group review one of the best issues of Infinity thus far. 


Allen reviews All-New X-Men Annual #1

Ethan reviews Marvel Zombies volume 2

Paul reviews the latest chapters of X-Men: Battle of the Atom

Seth reviews Afterlife with Archie issue #1

Then they rip apart Marvel Zombies. How does it hold up? Find out!

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Episode 84: Revival

Spook-tober rolls on as the AC gang traverse the misty forests and dark alleys to bring you the best comics podcast on the web.

They discuss the latest happenings at DC during the intro and whether or not superhero comics are now only gimicky. 

Then during the news they talk about DC's release of digital collections as well as the new Robert Kirkman title from Image comics.

During the take it or leave it they review a handful of the latest new releases.

Revival is then dissected. Did they like it? Love it? Hate it? 

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Episode 83: Rachel Rising

The boys delve into the bizarre world of Rachel Rising this week as Spook-tober begins! Don't be afraid...

But first the fellows start the episode by discussing what their ultimate superhero downfall would be. There may be some revelations during this segment...

In the news Paul announces (2 weeks late) the announcement of a Walking Dead spin-off show, more DC creative changes Edgar Wright's Ant-Man teasing and more.

During the take-it-or-leave-it they team review Forever Evil #2.

Allen reviews Captain America: Living Legend #1

Ethan reviews The Other Dead #1

Paul reviews All New X-Men #16

Seth reviews Hinterkind #1

Then they bring the creepy with our first Horror-themed Book-It of Rachel Rising by Terry Moore.

If you want to read along with our book-its this month our next one is the opening arc of Revival. Join us, eh?

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