Saturday, August 31, 2013

Episode 78: Captain America #10 and Justice League #23

Join the characters as they delve into the finales to Captain America in Dimension Z and DC's Trinity War!

But first, they have some brief discussions spurred on by your letters. Ethan's supposed "gorgeous" and "manly" hair is talked about as are what the gang's pull list would look like if they only had a $10 dollar budget per month.

During the news they talk about the Ben Affleck controversy and casting of Ultron.

Then the take-it-or-leave-it begins.

They team review Justice League #23 and Captain America #10. \

Paul reviews Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #24 

Allen reviews Daredevil: Dark Knights #1-3

Ethan reviews the Infinity: New Avengers tie-in

Seth reviews Lazarus #3.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Upcoming: Episode 80: Rust Book-It and Royden Lepp Interview!

September 12th (two weeks from this Thursday) will be episode #80 of the Ancillary Characters podcast. To celebrate we're going to be doing a book-it episode of Rust volumes 1&2. Following that episode will be a special interview with series creator, Royden Lepp!

Episode 80 will record after our interview (unless something catastrophic occurs in which case we'll notify listeners through social media) on our YouTube page. The interview will air as it's own, special episode and may or may not broadcast live. We'll be recording the interview at 7pm EST.

At any rate, if you have questions or comments for Royden send them to or tweet them to us with the hashtag #ACRust (a crust) and we'll read them on air! If you haven't already done so, head over here and here to buy volumes 1 & 2 or find them on Comixology right here!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Episode 77: Infinity #1

This week Allen, Ethan and Seth take you to Infinity (1) and beyond in episode 77! Comics galore!

First they start off by reading YOUR letters which leads to a short discussion about subscription based digital comics services like Marvel Unlimited. 

They skip the news segment this week and dive headfirst into the latest HUGE, earth-shattering epics events from Marvel and DC, Trinity War #5 (JLD 23) and Infinity #1.

Then they break off and individually review a slew of the latest offerings from the biggest and smallest publishers.

Allen reviews Thor #11 and Star Wars #8!

Ethan reviews Hellblazer(s) #1-6 and Astro City #3!

Seth reviews Outliers #1 and Dinosaurs Attack #2!

They close out by talking about Bradley Cooper's casting as the voice of Rocket Racoon.

Be aware that hence forth AC audio episodes will be posting on Saturday mornings instead of late Thursday evenings. Sorry for the shift in plans but... well things happen.

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Thanks for listening.

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Brand New Feature: Kiss Kids #1 (IDW)

by Chris Ryall, Tom Walts, Jose Holder, Jeremy Colwell

The trend of making youthful versions of characters for comedic purposes continues with IDW's new series Kiss Kids. Skottie Youngs' covers of Marvel Comics characters may not have been the first time that adult characters were presented in such a format, but there have been more of those types of stories since. Here the well known rock act Kiss has been transformed into a group of every day kids navigating life. The title encompasses a series of shorts that are split between writers Chris Ryall and Tom Walts. Fans of the band are sure to get more out of the issue, but there is plenty here to enjoy either way.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Brand New Feature: Halo: Initiation #1 (Dark Horse Comics)

By Brian Reed & Mario Castiello

The Halo franchise is nothing short of astonishing. What started as a singular video game title has become its own brand, and soon-to-be television program, as well. Halo: Initiation is not the first comic Halo comic title, but it is meant to be the precursor for Halo: Spartan Assault. The book focuses on Sarah Palmer as well as the rebuilding of the Spartan unit. The status quo at the start of this story is that the year is 2553 and the previous Spartan army, along with Master Chief, are all missing. One man has decided to stop waiting and enact his own plan B.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Episode 76: Batman by Grant Morrison

In this episode Allen, Paul and Seth are joined once again by Andrew DiMarcangelo *@adcustom* to talk comics.

Specifically Grant Morrison's seven year run on the Bat titles. They dig into specific arcs, characters, character motivations, themes, and more. It's a gushing retrospective on one of the greatest comic runs of all time. 

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Episode 75: Trillium and more

Episode 75! Quantum & Woody! The Wake! Green Arrow! Trillium! You should listen, NOW. 

We start with a letter from Dave Finn concerning Wolverine and get into a brief discussion about oversized hardcovers, Barry Windsor Smith being Seth's introduction to Wolverine as well as Wolverine's brief foray as an Australian.

During the news Paul introduces the new Doctor Who actor and we talk about the comic movie bubble yet again. 

Take it or leave it is full of awesome (and maybe one or two not-so-awesome) books!

A team review of Justice League Dark 22 opens it off. Is the third chapter of Trinity War worth a look? Find out...

Then Ethan reviews issues of Pathfinder: Goblins, and Quantum & Woody.

Paul reviews The Wake #3 and Green Arrow #22

Allen reviews The Flying Man short film and Beware the Batman cartoon

Seth reviews Trillium #1 and Five Ghosts #5.

They also roar through a speed round!

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Brand New Feature: Collider #1 (Vertigo Comics)

by Simon Oliver, Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi

The promise that anything is possible is usually one that comes with a sense of pure optimism, meant to inspire. Though little is said, the context of the line delivered in the opening panels of Collider #1 has a much more foreboding sense. A man sits in a van, staring in a camera and records a message to be left for his son. He seems rushed, and whatever it is he is about to do, readers feel the finality of this action. It's a short sequence and not all that complicated, yet it's subtlety and weight are greatly effective. This book has high stakes, and readers will want to settle in.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Episode 74: The Wolverine and Old Man Logan

This week the AC boys are in a Berseker rage as they review The Wolverine, Old Man Logan & more!

Allen, Ethan, Paul and Seth are joined by She-Hulk himself, Zach Berry to talk about a hodgepodge of HOT topics. During the intro segment we read your letters and topics are... well they're nuts. And there's tons of them stuff you guys wanna talk about. 

Then we review The Wolverine starring Hugh Jackman and directed by James Mangold. Did he mangle the movie? Find out what we thought!

During the news we catch up on the latest and greatest from SDCC like the Superman/Batman movie and Frank Miller's involvement. We also discuss the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron and the new X-Men series from Jason Aaron.

In the take it or leave it segment we dissect Old Man Logan by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven. 

Allen reviews Wolverine & the X-Men: Alpha and Omega

Ethan reviews Hercules & Wolverine

Paul reviews the Wolverine mini by Claremont & Miller

Zach reviews Wolverine: The End

Seth reviews Wolverine: Enemy of the State

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