Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seth's New 52 Pull List

Whether or not the new 52 has succeeded in pulling in that coveted "new reader" demographic that DC so desperately wanted remains to be seen. However, as far as I'm concerned it was a success. As of August I was pulling in the neighborhood of 12 DC titles. Starting in October I'll be pulling 26 titles.

Now, with a few of these titles (heck, really with all of these titles, as I'm picky in what I obligate myself to buy) there's drop-off potential. JLI, JLD, and Captain Atom are all books that have a lot to prove. Even with strong first issues in the cases of JLD and Captain Atom, they have a lot riding against them. With JLI it's getting added solely because I love the characters and while the first issue didn't really wow me, it was still solid enough to make the cut.

I added Animal Man. I did this because, though I didn't love the first issue, the critical acclaim being lavished on the book is enough to make me think maybe there's just something I'm missing here that everyone else sees. Yes I stand by my opinion that the first issue wasn't great and yes I still hold to an intense dislike for the art but I'm going to give it a little time.

I'm sad that the Superman title won't be on my list for the first time in about six years. Yes I even survived Strasczynski's run. On the other hand, nearly every Bat title is on my list for the first time since I started collecting again back around 2002. That's saying something for someone who loves the Bat universe.

There were  some surprises as well, like Suicide Squad, Supergirl and Birds of Prey. They came out of no where and really pulled me in with good first issues and in all three cases, fantastic art.

None of the ancillary Green Lantern books made the cut but then again, I haven't been all that involved in the GL universe outside of the main title since 2009. The new Corps. books just did nothing for me.

At any rate, here's my list.

Justice Leage

Wonder Woman


The Flash

Justice League International

Green Lantern


Detective Comics

Batman & Robin

Birds of Prey





Swamp Thing

Animal Man

Justice League Dark

Demon Knights

Frankenstein: Agent of Shade

Hawk & Dove


All Star Western

Suicide Squad

Action Comics


Captain Atom

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