Thursday, February 14, 2013

Episode 50: Southern Fried Manga

This week our four hosts, Allen, Paul, and Seth are joined by visiting manga expert Justin to talk all thing Japanimation. From Seth's apparent complete lack of knowledge to Paul's wayward jabs at Seth's complete lack of knowledge this episode is full of twist's and turns.
The fellows dig into some of the hottest news topics. Gotta be honest, as I'm writing this it's been two days since recording and I forget what they are but they're HOT. Smoking hot.
In the reviews the guys review a bunch of stuff most people have never heard of. Like, that Justin fella reviews something I can't even type because it's so foreign to me. Allen talks about a Zelda manga? I think... Paul maybe talks about Death Note and Seth reviews something completely inconsequential.
Please forgive the lack of details but, well, it's perfectly fitting of our show and if you don't like it I'm sincerely sorry.
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Check out this episode!

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