Thursday, May 9, 2013

Episode 62: Three Guys and an Empty Chair

The Ancillary Characters are back to basics with this week's episode! While Seth is off preparing to tie the knot next week, Paul and Allen take over as the Dynamic Duo of Podcasts! They bounce back and forth with friendly banter for a good 50 minutes. Oh, and they talk about comics, comic news, and just generally enjoy one anothers company.

You'll find all kinds of coolness in the form of Marvel Movie talk, Teen Titans GO!, Avengers #11, Adventure Time #15, Thor God of Thunder #8, Uncanny Avengers #8, and Amelia Cole and the Hidden War #1. So yeah, some cool stuff. Seth and Ethan may be away for the week, but you won't wanna miss this Sultry Southern Segment. Love you.

Check out this episode!

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