Thursday, July 11, 2013

Episode 71: Batman '66 and Trinity War

Comics! They're real, they're here, and they aren't going away. Now listen as we talk about them.

This week we're joined by Andrew DiMarcangelo or @adcustom as you may know him for a lengthy discussion of the latest, (and apparently least interesting) news around. Stuff like the new Inhumans series by Fraction and the latest title announcements from last weeks Image Expo. 

In the take-it-or-leave-it segment they team review Batman 66 #1 and Justice League #22: Trinity War #1.

Individually they review Batman 22, Astro City 2, Bodie Troll, Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1 and more. 

Disclaimer: Seth was barely alive for this episode so forgive him his... well, just forgive him.

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