Saturday, September 14, 2013

Episode 80: Rust volumes 1 & 2

In episode 80 we dig into the all-ages comic Rust from @RoydenLepp as a companion to the interview!

We start off the show with a discussion of DC's recent editorial conundrums and whether or not the companies line-up is generating any interest. Once again, our unoficial sixth Ancillary Character, Luis D. Santos is responsible for the letter. 

Then we discuss some of the latest comics news such as the All-New Marvel Now! line of titles. James D. Robinson on an Invaders book, anyone? Eh? 

Then we team review Rust from Archaia and Royden Lepp. Allen gives his patented run-down of the story before we dig into what makes Rust: Visitor in the Field and Secret of the Cell such a wonderful title. Not just as a comic but an all-ages title that truly lives up to what being "all-ages" means.

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