Sunday, January 5, 2014

Episode 88: 2013 in Review

Our second annual year end spectacular arrives featuring guest hosts and unrepentant love of comics!

This is our first regularly scheduled episode after our brief vacation so settle in and jot our name down on your calendar every Thursday night from now until one of us quits in anger and the show gets cancelled. 

In this episode we're joined by Jonesy and Dale from the Paperkeg podcast, as well as (finally) Dan - AKA @pennooch.

We go through our best of 2013 before running out of time and shutting the whole thing down in frustration. 

Categories include

Best Writer
Best Artist
Best single issue
Best mini series
Best publisher
Best story arc
Best ongoing

There will be a second part to this episode at a date TBD.

Check us out on the web at or on or on twitter @ancillarytweets. Find Jonesy and Dale on the BookJug and Paperkeg podcasts and Dan in our hearts and minds. 

Check out this episode!

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