Saturday, February 15, 2014

Episode 94: The Romance Episode

Love is in the air as the boys light some candles and turn on the sax music for episode 94...

This is the episode for couples. Or singles. Or anyone who loves love. 

During the intro the boys talk about Allen's latest brush with death and read and discuss a letters from Polycomic Book Club's very own Andrew or @adcustom. 

During Whats up With Paul they talk about a bunch of inconsequential stuff that no one paid attention to because they were tweeting or petting their beloved canine. 

During take-it-or-leave it

Allen reviewed an Ingrid Michaelson song... yes.

Ethan reviewed the Lego Movie which has nothing to do with the theme of the show because that's the type of stuff he does guys he does not listen to us when we tell him what the show is about we've tried but he's a loose and slightly crazy cannon.

Paul reviewed a webcomic whose name I've forgotten.

Seth reviewed Superman/Wonder Woman 1-3.

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