Saturday, March 1, 2014

Episode 96: Dragons and Wizard Women, Oh my!

The march to episode 100 is on! Paul returns to the throes of battle at the turning of the tide in episode 96!

We start out by hearing about Paul's recent romantic weekend away, then we read a letter from listener Joe Crouch. The letters causes Seth to google search something he shouldn't have which leads to nightmares and possible legal ramifications.

During Whats up With Paul they talk about some random topics of discussion that I've forgotten about because it's 8 am and my dog had me up at, like, 4 because she needed to poop and seriously does anyone read this thing? I could literally write anything. We talked about the enviroment and the melting polar ice caps or something equally nonsensical like talking birds or dancing panda bears.

During take it or leave it 

Allen reviews a funeral he recently attended

Ethan reviews the weird stain on the passenger seat of his car that mysteriously appeared roughly two weeks ago

Paul reviews a pair of pants he once saw on an oddly shaped manaquin (sp?) at the mall when he was 13

Seth reviews dirt

Hopefully you enjoyed this episode of Death: The Musical. Please send all letters to or our sister podcast Leave us a rating/review on iTunes if you're into that and quit taking your friggin podcasts so seriously. They're podcasts. We aren't Howard Stern here. This isn't Dennis Miller Live or whatever. Geez...

Check out this episode!

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