Sunday, April 20, 2014

Episode 102: Palling Around with Pennooch

Wow. A lot going on here. Movie trailers, talk of Clooney-butt, a diatribe about Robin in the new 52, oh, and @pennooch.

Before it all gets started we have our longest introduction ever. Pennooch talks about his side gigs and then we all talk about our summer plans. Possibly the greatest devised topic of all time there. Summer plans. Who comes up with this crap? 

During the news we talk about the new X-Men Days of Future Past trailer, the just-announced return of (a) Robin to the Bat family, and the upcoming DC weekly series'... of which there are three. Like anyone cares.

During the take it or leave it

Pennooch reviews Ghost Rider #1

Ethan reviews The American

Allen reviews Welcome to Nightvale (a podcast)

Seth reviews The Wake #7

Then they're done.

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