Saturday, June 7, 2014

Episode 109: Return of the Flying Saucer-Bros

Just the two of us. You and I. Paul and Seth unite to talk about a mass amount of comics in this one.

But first they dip into a letter sent by listener, Andrew or @adcustom. They talk about regret. We all have some of those. I know I do...

Anyway, then they start off the long-running What's Up With Seth segment by talking about the Star Wars spin-offs, and who is directing them. They also talk about a Dr Strange movie and some other garbage.

Then they get into some comic reviews. Together, as one they review Original Sin 3, The Wake 9, and Iron Fist 1. It's beautiful. Then they sail through a fistful of reviews before entering their spaceship of love and soaring off into the cosmos, arm in arm. Hand in hand. 

Find them on twitter @jollygreen05 and @sethbreedslove or the group account @ancillarytweets. They also have an instagram... run by Ethan. Beware... Send letters to and find them online They also have a Facebook and probably a myspace and a linkdin and whatever else you kids have going on now ya rascals.

Check out this episode!

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