Wednesday, September 10, 2014

TARDIS Time #1: Peter Capaldi and the Robots of Sherwood

Welcome to the very FIRST episode of our new mini-show, TARDIS Time! That's right, Paul and Allen are finally doing that Doctor Who show they've always dreamed of, right here as part of the Ancillary Character's Podcasting Network.

Each week, we will be reviewing the new episode of Doctor Who: Series 8. On this, the first episode, the fellas give you their thoughts on the season so far, as well as an in depth review of the third episode of the season, "Robots of Sherwood," written by Mark Gatiss. What do Allen and Paul think of this new Doctor, Peter Capaldi? And what of Clara? Can he join Matt Smith and David Tennant in our hearts?


We hope that you enjoy our first episode, as as usual, we desire your feedback. Let us know your thoughts on the season so far, and on our show so far! You can also visit the website at Review us on iTunes! And, of course, find us on twitter @AncillaryTweets

Check out this episode!

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