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Buy This! - November 16th, 2011

Every Monday Seth picks out three items from Previews that are due to ship on Wednesday and directs you toward your best bets for a quality purchase. Some times it's a single issue of a comic, other times a massive omnibus edition of a beloved series, and occasionally a figure or shiny bauble that caught his eye. Read on to find the three items you shouldn't leave your comic shop without this week.

This week sees the release of some high-profile single issues. Batman, Justice League, Walking Dead, Avengers, the second issue of Aaron/Silvestri's Incredible Hulk... Yet none of them make the pick. Find out what does...

THUNDER Agents vol 1 tpb

About a year ago I'd never even heard of Nick Spencer. Flash forward to the present day and I'm not only aware of the man, I'm completely inundated with his work. He got around this past year, working on everything from his creator owned Image title Morning Glories to his relaunch of the Ultimate X-Men title. While I've found his books to be a little hit-and-miss, THUNDER Agents was one of the titles that put him on my radar.

The story centers around a government sanctioned super team who are granted super powers. The only catch being that said powers will eventually kill them. Spencer's writing on this book is silver age kitsch with modern day infusions of real world politics with likable characters. The only drawback was that the series only lasted 10 issues. All ten issues are collected in this book though and it's available for under $20 bucks at sites like DCBS, or consult your local comics retailer... Tell 'em Seth sent you and watch them scratch their head in confusion.

Locke & Key: Guide to Known Keys (one shot)

Here we have a single stand-alone issue that serves as little more than (as the title says) a guide to the keys that exist within the Joe Hill-penned Locke & Key universe. That sounds incredible nerdy right? And yet, if you're a fan of the series you'll no doubt be anxious to own a handy-dandy compendium of those magical mystery keys that pop up in every issue of the series.

Hill wrote the guide and they've no doubt recycled some of Rodriguez' art from past stories but there is also a short, new story enclosed. That alone makes this worthwhile, particularly since there is no guarantee this will be included in any of the future collections.

Guns & Dinos #1

From Image Comics comes this short (3 issue) mini written and drawn by Frank Cho. You know Frank Cho. He created Liberty Meadows, drew high profile arcs on books like Mighty Avengers and one of those Jeph Loeb-written New Ultimate Avengers thingies. His art is gorgeous and this book looks like it is tailor made to fit his strengths.

The story looks absurd, and utterly cliched; essentially a rip off of the current Terra Nova, itself a rip off of countless b-movies, and children's television shows. Basically an army base is magically sent back in time to the prehistoric era where the soldiers must survive against man-eating dinosaurs. So... yeah, obviously I will be getting this. It's dinosaurs versus gun-toting military types. Thank you, Mr. Cho.

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