Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekly Roundup - June 20

Welcome to the Weekly Roundup, where I describe this this week’s pulled books in one paragraph or less!

This week proved somewhat disappointing. My favorite monthly of the lot, Wonder Woman, failed to deliver, but Splinter and Comedian helped prop up an otherwise mediocre array of books. The lesser anticipated titles managed to be solid as well. And now, the blurbs.

Before Watchmen: Comedian #1: An unexpected take on one of Watchmen’s most fearsome characters. The Comedian, Eddie Blake, is portrayed less as a psychotic killer and more as a tough anti-hero who, in his heart, is a caring person. This book also wins the most frightening cover of the week award.

Green Lantern Corps #10: John Stewart is sentenced to death by the ridiculous Alpha Lanterns. His lawful good acquiescence once again stands in stark contrast to Guy Gardner’s chaotic good brashness. This story has been done to death.

Nightwing #10: A man has been found murdered by one of Dick Grayson’s escrima sticks, and a corrupt detective leads a crusade to lay the crime on Nightwing’s shoulders. A solid reintroduction to the plot derailed by the Court of the Owls story.

Supergirl #10: Supergirl girl fights a Kryptonian dragon in the mindscape of an evil Irish warlock who absorbed her consciousness. The beautiful art provides a nice look into the culture of dead Krypton.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #5 Splinter: Splinter kicks Foot tail while pondering the meaning of honor in light of mistakes made hundreds of years in the past. The flashbacks to ancient Japan are an interesting look into the novel twist thrown into the Turtles’ origin in this latest TMNT series.

Wonder Woman #10: Wonder Woman shares the love in the most disappointing ending to a great arc in the New 52 so far. Azzarello draws material from the likes of Care Bears and My Little Pony to round out the story that made me care about Wonder Woman.

Next week is poised to be much better with such heavy hitters as Justice League, Flash, and my most anticipated, Batman Incorporated. The second issue of Bendis’ Spider-Men event should also make for some interesting content. Stay tuned!

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