Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weekly Roundup - June 27

Welcome to the weekly roundup where I describe each of my pulled books in one paragraph or less!

This week I found my folder overflowing with new books to read. DC let loose such heavy hitters as Justice League and Batman Incorporated, while Marvel presented the latest book in their Spider-Men event. Meanwhile, IDW stole the show with Splinter’s performance in the latest TMNT. 

Aquaman #10: Arthur Curry’s sinister past is brought to light as Mera bullies a scrawny scientist into spilling some sick gossip. Black Manta’s reason for hating Aquaman is finally revealed.

Batman Incorporated #2: Grant Morrison sings The Ballad of Talia al Ghul, recounting her rise from an ambitious young lady to the most powerful assassin in the world. This issue serves as a nice recap of the events leading up to the current run of Batman Incorporated. Bat Cow is notably--and sadly--absent.

Batman: The Dark Knight #10: With Greg Hurwitz newly at the helm, this book is the first good issue of the series. Awesome moments abound as Batman investigates the abduction of young children. Action, suspense, poetry--there’s a lot to love here.

Before Watchmen: Nite Owl #1: J. Michael Straczynski gives us a look at Watchmen’s whiniest character. The issue covers a lot of ground, but the pacing is superb.

The Flash #10: The Weather Wizard is introduced to the New 52. Good book. Not much else to say.

Justice League #10: The Villain’s Journey continues. David Graves shows his power and raises the stakes against the League. Meanwhile, Black Adam makes a frighteningly awesome appearance in the SHAZAM! backup. Also, tall Sivana looks just plain weird.

Justice League Dark #10: Constantine is a jerk, but we all love him anyway.

Spider-Men #2: A lot of talk in this book, but that’s okay. I can listen to Bendis’ Peter Parker banter all day.

Superman #10: Superman saves the day with the power of caring! This book is dumb.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #11: The words “dope,” “fly,” and “sick nasty” do not even begin to describe this book. Splinter kicks Foot tail while the turtles take on some local street toughs. Several pages of this issue would look amazing as a poster. Every issue brings something great to the table, and this week’s offering is no different. Like the Papa Johns guy, it delivers.

Stay tuned next week for my thoughts on Action, Detective, AvX, and more!

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