Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weekly Roundup - July 4

Welcome to the weekly roundup where I describe each of my pulled books in one paragraph or less!

This edition is actually for the comics that came out last Wednesday. I apologize for the late column. I would make excuses, but it all comes down to me being a terrible, terrible person. But! I will strive to have a Roundup for this week’s comics out this weekend. Or maybe sooner? Who knows! Now on to the blurbs.

Action Comics #11: Superman has an identity crisis and becomes a fireman. Meanwhile, the backup tells a quaint little tale from the life and times of an average Metropolis visitor.

Animal Man #11: It’s Buddy Baker vs. Buddy Baker in the conclusion to the long-running “Extinction is Forever” arc. Animal Man gains new powers and a new body from the Red and battles the body he had previously lost to the Rot. 

Avengers vs X-Men Round 7: The Phoenix Five raise the stakes and prove that they are serious about the “No More Avengers” mantra. This series finally appears to be having some serious repercussions in the Marvel universe.

Before Watchmen Ozymandias #1: Before Watchmen retells the story of Adrian Veidt’s transformation into Ozymandia with great detail. Wordy and unexciting, this book is saved from mediocrity by fantastic writing and art.

Detective Comics #11: Meh.

Dial H #3: Revelations! After a couple of issues with nice character development, the third book focuses on expanding the larger plot. It is confusing and poorly paced.

Earth-2 #3: The third issue is still focusing on the origin stories of the Earth-2 Flash and Green Lantern. Three issues is too long. The reveal at the end makes this book worthwhile, however.

Justice League International #11: This book remains in my pull list only because it is easier to wait for it to cancel than to take it off manually. It’s almost finished! Yay!

And thus concludes another exciting edition of the Weekly Roundup. Stay tuned this week for more bodacious blurbs! Earlier ancillary time, same ancillary blog!

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