Friday, August 23, 2013

Episode 77: Infinity #1

This week Allen, Ethan and Seth take you to Infinity (1) and beyond in episode 77! Comics galore!

First they start off by reading YOUR letters which leads to a short discussion about subscription based digital comics services like Marvel Unlimited. 

They skip the news segment this week and dive headfirst into the latest HUGE, earth-shattering epics events from Marvel and DC, Trinity War #5 (JLD 23) and Infinity #1.

Then they break off and individually review a slew of the latest offerings from the biggest and smallest publishers.

Allen reviews Thor #11 and Star Wars #8!

Ethan reviews Hellblazer(s) #1-6 and Astro City #3!

Seth reviews Outliers #1 and Dinosaurs Attack #2!

They close out by talking about Bradley Cooper's casting as the voice of Rocket Racoon.

Be aware that hence forth AC audio episodes will be posting on Saturday mornings instead of late Thursday evenings. Sorry for the shift in plans but... well things happen.

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