Thursday, August 8, 2013

Episode 75: Trillium and more

Episode 75! Quantum & Woody! The Wake! Green Arrow! Trillium! You should listen, NOW. 

We start with a letter from Dave Finn concerning Wolverine and get into a brief discussion about oversized hardcovers, Barry Windsor Smith being Seth's introduction to Wolverine as well as Wolverine's brief foray as an Australian.

During the news Paul introduces the new Doctor Who actor and we talk about the comic movie bubble yet again. 

Take it or leave it is full of awesome (and maybe one or two not-so-awesome) books!

A team review of Justice League Dark 22 opens it off. Is the third chapter of Trinity War worth a look? Find out...

Then Ethan reviews issues of Pathfinder: Goblins, and Quantum & Woody.

Paul reviews The Wake #3 and Green Arrow #22

Allen reviews The Flying Man short film and Beware the Batman cartoon

Seth reviews Trillium #1 and Five Ghosts #5.

They also roar through a speed round!

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