Wednesday, October 1, 2014

TARDIS Time #4: The Caretaker

What time is it, you ask? It's TARDIS Time! Welcome to Episode 4 of the Doctor Who podcast TARDIS Time, brought to you by the Ancillary Character's Podcasting Network. This week, Paul and Allen break down the very character-driven 6th episode of Doctor Who, Series 8: "The Caretaker." If you ever wondered if the Doctor would make a very good custodian, then this is your lucky day. 

In "The Caretaker," the Doctor goes deep undercover at Clara's place of business: Coal Hill School. He poses as a normal, human caretaker in an attempt to keep himself disguised as he searches the premises for a foreign presence in the form of a deadly robot: the 

Paul and Allen bring their thoughts and predications right to your ears in our fourth episode. How are you liking the show so far? Let us know at: And, of course, on Twitter: @AncillaryTweets, @jollygreen05, and @kallenboone. Enjoy!

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