Wednesday, October 29, 2014

TARDIS Time #7: In The Forest of the Night

What are those sounds in your ears? Why, those are the dulcet tones of one Allen Boone and one Paul Shirley, the hosts of the AC Network Podcast: TARDIS Time! The fellas take their time this week and talk all about Doctor Who S08, E10: In the Forest of the Night. The question: what happens when the Doctor lands in the middle of London to find that the entire city has been taken over by thick forest over night? But no, not the city, not the country, but the entire World has grown greenery to cover the face of the planet in the span of one night! What nefarious force has caused this? Can the Doctor figure it out and save or the day? Tune in for our coveted commentary, as well as some qualms? What's that?? Negativity towards Doctor Who????

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