Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Ancillary Characters Podcast Give-Away!

Hey guys! If you've already listened to Episode 27 of the show, then you know all about this week's Give Away. If you haven't, then click on the link over on the right and go over to iTunes for a download.

Here are the details:
  The first two people to print off the flyers posted below and post them somewhere in a public place will win ANY Digital Trade or Collection of issues of their choice from Comixology (up to $10). All you have to do is:
1. Print these flyers off (in decent quality) and either post one on a billboard, etc. or make a small stack and put them in a shop where people can pick them up and go (this is preferred). We suggest specifically heading over to you local comic shop, or perhaps somewhere like a Starbucks or other local coffee shops. Yes, we realize this is kinda stereotyping.
2. Once you've done this, TAKE A PICTURE. This is your proof! Once you have the photo, you can either tweet it to us (@AncillaryTweets, link on the sidebar) or email it to us at

The first two people to complete and accomplish this will be rewarded accordingly. Remember, any digital book, up to $10 is yours in exchange for the advertising!

Here are the two versions of the flyer, pick the one you prefer (or both). Click on them for a larger version.

Here's the Black version:

Aaaaand here's the white:

Alright! Good luck to you all, and if these photos quirk out on you, email us at the address above, and I can provide you with a PDF.

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