Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weekly Roundup - August 1

Welcome to the weekly roundup where I describe each of my pulled books in one paragraph or less!

Great set of books out this week. Some series begin, others end, and many still carry on. The world of comics is alive, and it’s my job to capture its essence in blurbs.

Action Comics #12: Morrison is back on his game with the introduction of the Myzxlkjxpwkldjxxslej family. Finally, Action Comics is both intriguing and comprehensible.

Animal Man #12: Rot World begins, and it is terrifying.

Avengers vs. X-Men #9: Spidey has his moment in the spotlight, and it hurts. A Colossus punch to the face is incredibly painful looking.

Avenging Spider-Man #10: Bleh.

Before Watchmen: Night Owl #2: Boo shock factor. It is forced, and it does not work.

Daredevil #16: Matt Murdock and Hank Pym share a rare and strange bonding moment. Creepy stuff goes down at Murdock’s law offices. Could Daredevil be losing it?

Detective Comics #12: The book is beautiful, but the story is awkward. But the book is just so beautiful.

Dial H #4: More exposition! Maybe that lizard guy isn’t so bad after all...

Earth-2 #4: The series is finally picking up steam after three issues of dull introductions. Grundy is rather reminiscent of the Rot in Swamp Thing and Animal Man.

Hawkeye #1: The most street level superhero book since Batman: Year One. Everything about it is amazing. Add this to your pull list.

Justice League International #12: The last issue of this book is probably the best so far. Still glad to have it off my pull list now. Maybe the Annual will be good.

Swamp Thing #12: Rot World begins, and it is terrifying.

Thief of Thieves #13: Brilliant plot twists. Redmond is a clever man.

World’s Finest #4: Boring. Generic. Bleh.

Stay tuned next week for more blurb-tastic blurbs!

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