Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekly Roundup - August 15

Welcome to the weekly roundup where I describe each of my pulled books in one paragraph or less!

This week brought a nice assortment of books. Although a few fell flat, the majority are quality titles, and some even went further, achieving true greatness. Read on for the blurbs.

Amazing Spider-Man #691: The poignant conclusion to the latest lizard arc. ‘Tis funny and heartfelt, like any good Spidey book.

Avengers #29: Well written, but a little too late. This book would be awesome if it lined up with what is currently happening in AvX.

Avengers vs X-Men #10: Oh snap. Ooooooh snap. We are finally barreling towards a conclusion.

Before Watchmen: Rorschach #1: Azzarello writes a great Rorschach. His journal narration is spot on. Unfortunately, the plot continues the Before Watchmen trend of shock value over substance.

Daredevil #17: A great issue for new readers. Daredevil recaps an old adventure from his early days as a vigilante, and it hits right in the heart.

Green Lantern #12: Zombies! And an ominous prophecy. Thankfully, the story continues in just two weeks with the Green Lantern Annual!

Green Lantern Corps. #12: The bloody Alpha War comes to a close, and the Guardians continue to plan for their third army to replace the corps. What jerks.

Nightwing #12: Finally, the end of the drawn out, choppy, and rather boring arc that started so long ago. Maybe the next story will be better.

The Shade #12: Probably the weakest issue thus far of an otherwise amazing series. The Egyptian pharaoh librarian villains felt contrived and awkward. Hopefully the conclusion of the series will be better.

Supergirl #12: Supergirl reunites with Kal and later gets attacked by horrifying undersea snakes. It was frightening. I was frightened.

Wonder Woman #12: This book’s conclusion will blow your mind. I did not expect it to go there, but it did, and I cannot wait to see how it plays out (I’m being vague because you need to read it yourself).

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned next week for Batman, Flash, Turtles, and more!

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